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The Columbus Compact Corporation (“the Compact”) is a nonprofit community development corporation working to improve the quality of life in the central city neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio.

The Compact is a catalyst for growth. We work with central city neighborhoods and other stakeholders to analyze, plan, finance, and implement high-impact community redevelopment systems and projects.

Our primary areas of business include:

  1. Neighborhood-Scale Commercial Real Estate Development: We concentrate on developing real estate in specific areas, at a scale that creates real change in our neighborhoods.

  2. Community Development Financing: We lend money to new and existing businesses that bring jobs, goods and services, or add to the commercial tax base.

  3. Administrative Services: We have an outstanding administrative infrastructure, and we consult with other businesses and non-profit corporation to help them become more effective.

The Compact is also charged with leading the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-designated “Columbus Empowerment Zone” (the “EZ”).

This 10-year federal designation, conferred in 1999 to our partner the City of Columbus, is designed to focus community redevelopment strategies and resources, in such a manner as to rebuild our city’s most distressed urban neighborhoods, and make them places that people want to come to live, work, and play.





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