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Columbus Compact Corporation is seeking partners and interested stakeholders to plan and execute redevelopment of the Franklin Park Trolley Barn facility, located on the northeast corner of Oak Street and Kelton Avenue -- just one block south of Franklin Park. 


As part of this effort, the Compact is organizing a group of interested and concerned stakeholders, called Friends of Franklin Park Trolley Barn, which has a page on Facebook.  We encourage you to join this group and support this critical redevelopment effort.


Results of September 4, 2010 Community Visioning Session are now available in hard copy and on-line.  This report documents the process and output of that Community Visioning Session, and is being used as the basis for further evaluation and planning of the site.  Click this link to download a copy of the PDF report.



Over the past two years, we have engaged in sampling opinions and ideas of area residents and stakeholders.  To see some of the things that others have said in connection with a question about using this site to support the arts, go to survey results for 2008 survey of artists, artisans and craftspersons.


The Trolley Barn facility was built in 1872, to serve a growing Columbus street car system of private businesses.  At that time, this area was just beginning to be residentially developed, and this was the end of the line for Columbus's streetcars.




Following are some pictures of the rapidly-deteriorating, but critically important, Trolley Barn facility.  For more information, or to remain in contact about this effort, please contact Jon Beard, of Columbus Compact Corporation, at jbeard@colscompact.com , or 614-251-0926 ext. 101.




















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