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The King-Lincoln District (KLD) Retail Development Program offers EZ financial resources to interested entrepreneurs and experienced retail managers interested in owning a small retail business on the commercial corridors in the King Lincoln District.

This program will benefit the Empowerment Zone by redeveloping idle property, adding new businesses and services, and providing business ownership opportunities for residents.

This program, geared to small and start-up businesses, is designed for the Compact to take the majority of the business investment risk, in partnership with a business operator who will provide sound management and operation of the retail business.

    King-Lincoln District Retail Development Program Announcement 
King-Lincoln District Retail Development Application 
  Personal Credit Report Authorization 
Personal Finance Statement 
City of Columbus King-Lincoln District Plan 

For more information on the King-Lincoln District Retail Development Program, please contact:

Michael Whitfield
Manager of Economic Development
Phone: 614-251-0926 ext. 111
Email: mwhitfield@colscompact.com

The King-Lincoln Bronzville neighborhood is located on the near east side of Columbus.  This area is bounded by Jefferson Avenue (W), Ohio Avenue (E), Broad Street (S) and Atcheson Street (N).

Click on the map for a larger picture.

Map credit: City of Columbus, Dept. of Development, Planning Division





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